The pro racing community is sharply divided over whether or not power meters should be banned from races. A power meter is used by riders to give them information that can help them improve their training as well as their pacing. The gadget delivers unbiased measurement of exactly what effort the rider is putting in and the implications of that effort. Using the power meter, a cyclist is able to define his training zone after which he can train in it correctly.

Some professional riders feel they should be banned because they don’t want it to seem like they won their races because they were using power meters. They would want the races to only demonstrate their ability to crash their rivals and would hate to see their wins disputed over a gadget. Other people simply believe they are dumb and add nothing to racing.

There are also other riders who strongly believe that power meters are giving undue advantage to some cyclists. According to this group of riders, today we have some racing champions who would have never won were it not for the power meters.

Readers of cycling and racing websites are adding their voice to this debate. One reader who prefers to ride used specialized road bikes said that power meters are blocking the show during professional races. He believes that the power meters are controlling the races.

“If your team is powerful and then a rider decides to attack, you can easily control him,” he says, “This is not what we want in pro racing.”

Another reader said power meters are making riders to race too cautiously, therefore taking away the spontaneity that pro racing should have. The reader adds that cycling with the power meter in the red makes the rider feel like he is about to crash. He hates this feeling.

But other riders think that all bike riders should embrace power meters. They believe that it is futile to oppose technology especially when the technology is specially designed to improve the sport.

What is your take? Should power meters be banned from being used in professional racing? Add your voice to this debate via the comments section below.